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Filling up your vehicle with the wrong fuel

It is easy to feel embarrassed about putting the wrong fuel into your car but it is probably more common than you would think! It happens easily when you have changed from having a petrol vehicle to a diesel vehicle and vice versa. Also if you are re-fuelling somebody else's car. The problem is that if you take the wrong action immediately after the mistake, it can be extremely damaging to your engine and could cost you a lot in aggravation and money.

Here is the ESSENTIAL advice if it happens to you:

If you realise immediately after filling up, DO NOT START THE ENGINE. As soon as you do this the incorrect fuel is pumped into the engine's fuel system and can cause severe damage. Just try to roll the car a parking space away from the pump and inform the kiosk of your mistake. Then call your recovery service and get recovered you to your nearest garage. The garage will drain your fuel tank and dispose of the fuel safely. Damage caused by driving with the incorrect fuel can vary largely. If you have driven off with the wrong fuel, stop the car as soon as possible after you realise (when it is safe) and call your recovery service.



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