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MOTs For Motorcycles and

MOTs for Mopeds

We are proud to announce that we have recently put in place all of the facilities to MOT motorcycles. Motorcycles are either tested as a class I vehicle or a class II vehicle depending on the engine size and we can test motorcycles with a sidecar.

The Piaggio MP3 and MP3LT

In 2007 Piaggio released a three wheeler, the MP3. These are actually tested as class 1 or class 2 vehicles(motorcycles) if their track width is around 420mm. If the track width has been modified to around 460mm or above, it will then be tested as a trike (class 3). Piaggio have now released a wide track version, the MP3LT which is tested as a trike (class 3). Of course you don't have to worry about which class your MP3  falls into, as we are able to test both motorcycles and trikes. We will simply clarify which category it falls into when you arrive and test it accordingly.


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TEL: 01795 841007 Church Farm, Stockbury (next to the Church) Sittingbourne, KENT. ME9 7RD