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Frequently asked questions


Our workshop is fully equipped with two mot bays, one for cars, quads, trikes and three wheelers and the other for large vehicles like vans, motorhomes, minibuses and limousines.

We can MOT while you wait, or you can leave your vehicle with us. If you do decide to wait you are welcome to sit in our viewing area to watch the test being carried out on your vehicle, or you can wait in our waiting room; either way we will equip you with a hot cup of tea or coffee if you would like one.

A Citroen 2CV having an MOT Large campervan on our mot ramp

We are equipped to carry out MOTs for class 4 vehicles such as cars, and class 7 vehicles like vans. Although motorhomes are large vehicles, they are tested as a class 4 vehicle. Our large bay can lift vehicles with up to a 6.6m wheel base (the distance between the wheels, not the total length of the vehicle, the total length can be longer than 6.6m). And it can lift vehicles of up to 5.5 tonnes. If you are not sure about whether we will be able to MOT your vehicle, please ring us and we will be happy to help. As you can see in the photo above, we MOT large motorhomes!

Frequently Asked Questions about the MOT test

Can I have my mot test in advance of the test certificate expiry date?

It is possible to get your mot test before your old certificate runs out, up to 30 days in advance. If you do this, your new mot certificate will be valid until a year after your old certificate expires, you will not lose a month of mot just for having your the test carried out in advance. If for some reason you need to have your mot test over 30 days in advance you will lose your original expiry date which will be replaced by the current date meaning that you could lose a whole month's mot so try to avoid this if possible. If you present your vehicle for an mot and the computer tells us that it still has over a month left before expiry, we will notify you so you can decide whether you want us to continue or to abort the test.

If my vehicle fails the mot test, will I have to pay again for a retest?

We do not charge for retests providing the vehicle is presented for a retest within two weeks (ten working days). If it goes beyond this time, the vehicle will have to have a full test again which will be charged at the normal mot price.

What happens if my vehicle fails its mot test?

Our mot tester will go through with you any mot failures that may occur. You will be given two weeks (ten working days) to arrange the repairs that need to be carried out. If the vehicle is not presented for a retest within this time, you will have to have another full mot test for which you will have to pay the fee again. However, if you keep within this period, only a retest will necessary which we do not charge for. As we are a maintenance garage also, we are happy to give you an estimate for the repairs. If you are happy with your estimate, you can leave your vehicle with us or book it in for a convenient day to bring it back for us to carry out the necessary repairs. Alternatively you can arrange your own repairs and return for a retest when the vehicle is ready. If your vehicle fails its mot on bulbs or wiper blades only, we can replace these while you wait as we carry a good range of these to fit all types of vehicles.

How long does an mot take? Can I wait with it?

Mots usually take no longer than 45 minutes and you are welcome to wait either in the viewing area to watch your mot test or in the reception area where it is nice and warm!

Where can I park?

If you are having an mot test, you are entitled to park in the bays outlined in yellow which display 'MOT' written in yellow on them. Don't worry if there is not one available, just park in any other parking space.

Do I need to bring anything with me for the mot test?

If your vehicle is due for its first ever mot test, we advise that you bring your registration certificate for the vehicle (V5). This will avoid any inconvenience if there is a lack of information on the DVLA database when we come to log your vehicle into the computer. Usually we do not need it, but it pays to bring it just in case.

If it is not the vehicles first mot test we will not need the registration certificate (V5). It helps us if you bring the previous year's mot certificate but it is not always necessary as all your vehicle details should already be on the DVLA database which is linked to our mot computer.

If you think your vehicle may fail its mot because of one or both number plates is deteriorated or unreadable, we can make them on site whilst you wait so it may be worth bringing the documents that make this possible.

If I want to apply for my tax disc by telephone or online, how soon can I do this after my mot test?

If your vehicle passes its mot test, the information will be uploaded instantly so you can go straight away to tax your vehicle online or by telephone.

I have lost my mot certificate, how to I obtain a replacement?

If we carried out the mot test here at Tomsetts, we can provide you with a duplicate certificate for a fee of 10. We will just need the registration number.



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