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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repairs

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Here at Tomsett Kent we have fully qualified and trained staff to work on your hybrid or electric vehicle. We offer a range of services including servicing, repair, battery repair and air conditioning services. We have our very own vehicle charging point, complimentary to use for all customers. 
SERVICING:  Hybrid and Electric engines and motors operate very differently form the conventional vehicle engine. A hybrid vehicle will still have an internal combustion engine and therefore still need regular oil changes however a pure electric vehicle runs purely on motor and battery. At Tomsett Kent our technicians are qualified to work on live vehicles and can test the state of your electric vehicle battery and help you get the most from your vehicle.


BRAKE SYSTEMSMany hybrid and electric vehicles operate different braking system from conventional vehicles in order to employ regenerative braking to conserve and generate additional battery power. We have experience in working on all makes and models and can ensure your braking system if both safe and efficient. 
DIAGNOSTICS: At Tomsett Kent we have the state of the art equipment to communicate with your vehicles ECU and determine the cause of the problem.   
BATTERY REPAIR/ REPLACEMENT: With many hybrid vehicles now out of manufacturers warranty you do not need to be concerned that your battery will fail and be irreparable. If an electric battery cell stops working often we can replace the cell and repair the battery rather than replace the whole unit. 

AIR CONDITIONING: The electric motor and batteries in hybrid and electric vehicle operate at high temperatures and often have a more complex air conditioning system.  At Tomsett Kent we have the equipment to service and repair your hybrid or electric vehicles air conditioning system.  

CHARGING POINT: We have our very own designated charging point at Tomsett Kent which is free to use for our customers during business hours. 

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