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Electric Vehicle (EV) & Pure Electric Vehicles (Pure-EV)

An alternative to the vehicles on the road with an ICE (internal combustion engine) an EV or Pure-EV is any vehicle powered by a battery that can be directly plugged into the mains. 


Fully electric vehicles are only powered by electricity and have no combustion engine, fuel tank or exhaust pipe. Also known as 'plug in' EVs, they use an eternal electric charging system to recharge the batteries. Electric vehicles can also charge the batteries through regenerative braking. 

EV or Pure Electric vehicles due to their nature of construction and lack of having to accommodate an alternative power source are very simple in their design and can be flexible in their layout. The offer a large amount of storage space and have an average range of 100-150 miles (although the Tesla Model S does 200 miles between charges). 

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