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What We Can MOT...

How to book an MOT with us

If your vehicle is due for an MOT then getting it booked in with us is easy. 


We can usually accommodate a vehicle the same day. Simply give us a call on

01795 841 007 or pop into the office and we will check our availability. 


For the booking, all we need is a name, vehicle make or model, registration and contact number. 


You can have your vehicle's MOT carried out up to 30 days in advance of the expiry date and we take bookings all year round. 


If you are looking for a date further in advance you can email and we will arrange something for you. 


Motorcycles and Mopeds MOTs

At Tomsett Kent, as well as carrying out MOTs for cars and vans, we are proud that we can also MOT motorcycles. Motorcycles are either tested as a class I vehicle or a class II vehicle depending on the engine size (see our section of MOT classes to check where yours fits). And we can test motorcycles with a sidecar.


The Piaggio MP3 and MP3LT

In 2007 Piaggio released a three wheeler, the MP3. These are actually tested as class 1 or class 2 vehicles(motorcycles) if their track width is around 420mm. If the track width has been modified to around 460mm or above, it will then be tested as a trike (class 3).

Piaggio have released a wide track version, the MP3LT, in 2009 which is tested as a trike (class 3).

When bringing your Piaggio to us you won't have to worry about which class your MP3 falls into, as we are able to test both motorcycles and trikes. We will simply clarify which category it falls into when you arrive and test it accordingly.

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